Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to apply for a grant for an organisation that is not a registered charity. Can I apply? 
No, the Trust can only accept applications from registered charities.

My charity has an income of over £100,000 per year, but our activities closely match the Trust’s interests. Can I apply? 
No. The Trust can only accept applications from charities with an annual income of less than £100,000.

My charity is a small department within a bigger charity, we manage our own budget, which is under £100,000, but do not have our own audited accounts.  The bigger charity's audited accounts are more than £100,000, can we apply?
No, we can only accept applications from charities with audited accounts of less than £100,000.

How will I find out if my application has been successful? 
We will only contact you if your application is successful. Therefore if you do not hear from us, it means we have had to decline your request.

My application was unsuccessful. Can I apply again for the next round of grants? 
Yes, providing your project still meets the Trust’s remit.

My application was successful. Can I apply again to the Trust for further funding? 
Yes. The maximum award is £3,000 (three grants of £1,000) over three years.

Do you have a deadline? 
Applications can be submitted at any time. Trustees meet to consider applications twice a year. Applications for the July meeting should be submitted by the end of May and, for the November meeting, by the end of September.