Technical Tips

Here are details of some common problems you might experience when using our website, along with details on how to solve them.

I can't register

This may be because you have already registered.  The website will recognise you if you come back.  You don’t need to register twice (and you can’t submit duplicate applications).  Try logging-in instead, using the same username and password you used the first time.  Your username will have been emailed to you and you can request a new password if you have forgotten it.

I can’t log in

This is most commonly caused by entering the incorrect username or password.  Double-check the spelling of your username by checking the email that we sent you.  You can request a new password if you are unable to remember it.

I have not received the application form

If you passed the eligibility quiz and the emailed application form does not appear in your inbox within 24 hours, please first check your junk mail.  You can also search for this in your email inbox, either under sender (this will be shown as Louise Pooley) or subject (Thomas Wall Trust).

I can’t upload my form or reference document

Some computers may have firewall settings that interfere with the uploading process.  Try checking your firewall settings or using an alternative computer.

An error message has appeared

Try closing the website page and starting again, this sometimes solves the error.

Your website is down or not responding

From time to time, for reasons that are beyond our control, our website may slow down due to high volume or need to close for maintenance.  If this happens to you, please be patient and come back to the website once 24 hours have passed.  Most issues are resolved within this timeframe.

Nothing works – now what?

If all else fails, you can email us at giving as many of the following details as possible.  The more information you give, the more likely it is we will be able to resolve the problem:

Your name and date of birth
Date of registration
Email address used to register
Details of where there are problems in the application process (eg, on registering, or on uploading a  document)
Details of any error messages you can see